Final Reflection

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Digital Literacy

University of Illinois defines digital literacy as, “The ability to use digital technology, communication tools or networks to locate, evaluate, use and create information. A person’s ability to perform tasks effectively in a digital environment.” Throughout this semester I have learned much about digital literacy, some of these tools are through:

Through digital literacy you can do tags of what your work is about to allow people to find your stuff. A great tool that  I learned is to hyperlink things to your work, like in the above bullets I have hyperlinked my works of the categories. You can also use this to show location, where you got your information and to show credit. This is a great to use throughout blogs and websites.

My Work Skills, and Improvements

As I came into this class I was not sure how I would do in the digital world as I have only really done stuff personally on my own social media. But as we learned new skills and did the readings I realized I actually knew a lot and have been using some of the tools indirectly not knowing exactly what they were. For instance, using tags, editing, videos, and presentation.

I am very proud of both videos that I made Health and Fitness and Furman Women’s Lacrosse made with Paige  and Blake. The lacrosse video was by far my favorite work I have done because of how important it is to me and the connection I share with lacrosse. I absolutely loved making both of them and it was definitely my favorite part of the class. I think my ideas and fun personality really helped with the making of videos. I have decided that I am going to make videos this summer of various things to keep my skills up and hopefully will become much better with practice. I am also proud of my personal website I made. Although this still needs more work as it is a work in progress, I think I really got my neat and fun characteristics shown in it.

The thing I struggled with most is my blog. I think I do well at telling other peoples stories like in the videos but I have not yet gotten used to having my own voice. This is something I hope to keep up with too, as I still do not know what I want to do. I want to be able to get better at having my own voice and getting better at all aspects of digital communications. Even if I do not do anything in the future with videos as a career I think it is a great skill that I will have personally. I can make videos in the future of vacations, or even in the very very far future videos of my kids.  These skills will be helpful in whatever I do and I am excited where they might lead me!




Jobs of the Future


This reading was about how there are new jobs in the virtual gaming world. In China they are creating jobs with amazon and things like WoW gold in World of War Craft, and many other games

you can buy stuff through. These people are looking on the amazon website and finding problems in the website. For games they play the game, make coins or “WoW gold” then sell it to other people. I am one whom loves to play games, I have even played World of War Craft before. I have never bought any of these coins or WoW gold because to me it is a waste of money. But this new job is showing where our digital world is coming into play. As when we were younger we would buy a game and then everything would be free after that. Now you get a free game and to succeed in a game or move forward you must buy things like WoW gold.


This reading showed how this industry is booming, not only in games but also other apps on your phone. One of my favorite apps Map My Run is also one with a job base, on this app you can get a virtual trainer. I have not bought this setting but many people have in which a trainer helps you on the app!



Byron Hurt


HomepagePhoto1Byron Hurt is a documentary filmmaker, his films have been seen on PBS and was shown at Sundance Film Festival. In the CLP I attended of Byron Hurt he talked about some of his films, the process in which he undergoes to create them and some of his ideas throughout the process. Some of the films he talked about were:

I found HipHop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes the most interesting. Through this film Byron Hurt shows manhood representations, shows how the media alters hiphop, and how it is used as a social justice tool with young kids. In this film he showed us a part where he runs into rappers and asks them to freestyle about anything. They all rap about drugs, violence, sex, rape, gays, and killing people. He asks them why they all rap about the same thing, they say its what the media wants thats the only way they can make it nobody wants to hear about meaningful things. This seen truly shows how much the media alters hiphop, they portray 50 cent as a thug, but they never show the side of him being a business men. Rappers only rap what will make them successful.


A Networked Self


“Attention shapes the self, and is in turn shaped by it.”

This chapter talks about your identity on social networks. You can do this on social media through, pictures, texts, and your friends/ followers.

Social Networks that include MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn are able to add to add other websites and other netwsocial-media-pack-1ork to help form these identities. Some of these include:




Being in Good Shape

Fitness & Health

What does being in good shape look like? It is different for everyone depending on who and what you are trying to achieve. For models it could be being skinny, for athletes it could be being lean and strong, for a mother it could just be eating healthy and able to keep up with everyday activity! The definition can change for you every single day.

Ways to get out and stay in shape


 What does is take to be in good shape?

Getting in shape is a hard and time consuming task, you need to be very dedicated and determined. To start the process you need to set goals for yourself,  Jim Lefebvre said,  “Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal”.  In the book Mind Gym I have read, it says, “Create your own mind gym visualizing yourself overcoming mistakes and doing things well.” If you can do this anything is possible. Everything is mental, believe you can do something and you will complete it! So stop saying you can’t do it and starting saying you will do it, once you can do that you will be in the best shape of your life!


Good Eats

Fitness & Health

“A lot of people use exercise as an excuse to eat whatever they want, but exercise equals fitness and good food equals health”- Tony Horton

Are you working out and exercise constantly and still don’t have the ideal beach body that you want? What many women are not taking into account is what they are eating! There is a quote that says, “bodies are made in the kitchen not the gym.” Although you do get in great shape and healthier going to the gym and exercising but some results is as easy as cutting back on junk food! This does not mean you need to go on any sort of diet, instead just eat healthier meals! By eating healthier it will allow you to perform better in all that you do whether it’s lifting weights, competing in a sport, or everyday activity. You will have much more long lasting energy and you won’t have all those fatty foods and sugars holding you back.

Easy Ways to Cut Back on Unwanted Calories

  • Cut back on soda and sugar drinks! They are just extra calories that you do not need!  Water   Instead drink water and only have sugary drinks on special occasions.
    Drinking more water then sugary drinks will help you stay hydrated, making it much easier to exercise.
  • Smaller portion sizes, just having a smaller plate of food can help. Instead of having two slices of pizza just have one and have a side salad to fill your hunger! This isn’t about cutting out you favorite foods completely but having a smaller amount.
  • Add more vegetables to your plate. Veggies are low energy density making you fill up beforeyou over eat them!Colorful vegetables and fruits
  • Wait to go back for seconds, it takes some time to digest your food and for your body to realize its full. So eat slower, drink water between bites, and wait to see if your still hungry after about 20 minutes.
  • Snack on healthy foods not junk food! Instead of indulging in a bag of Chips or Cheetos  boy-peeking-over-table-looking-at-snacksrunning about 300 calories, try having a yogurt, banana or apple! Swap your junk snacks in for healthy snacks.


Hopefully this will help you and make you double think before you eat those huge amounts of calories just for a snack! It is amazing the results you will see by doing this!


Digital Media and the Law


Digital media has brought up a lot of questions about our rights of expression on our digital media. This chapter talked about digital media law and the different ways it applies to writing, editing and publishing. It also talks about libel and copyright.

First Amendment
  • th-1Guarantees the right to publish information about the government and public issues



Freedom of Information Act

Also know as FOIA is the right for the public to gain information about the federal government. Allows the public to know what is going on in there government. Does not include information that is private or under national security secrecy.



Is to not allow someone to take or copy your work. You canhowever copy the ideas taken away from the work. Much debate over copyright. The government’s work is always prohibited of copyright.


This chapter was very interesting to me, as you learn in school what copyright is but never in great detail or what it says in the law about it. I have never heard of some of the laws that are put in place. It was also interesting to hear that most people never even make it through the courts but instead it just puts there reputation in crisis. Through learning about this I searched copyright on youtube here I found they have there own video teaching people how not to have this problem while uploading videos to there website.


Fitness & Health

Don’t want to go outside and exercise because it is to cold out? Well I have some great places to accommodate you on those cold winter days when you feel like doing nothing, or because you are just sick of going to the boring old gym all time!

Top 4 favorite places to workout out at in Greenville, SC. 

  1. 9 Rounds: This is a super fun workout that will kick your butt! It is a 30 minute circuit of boxingboxing-gloves-hi nd kick boxing. This is a quick, fun, and very hard workout ensuring you to sweat! After going to 9 rounds I was wiped out, but going with friends is so much fun and somethingway different thenthe normal routine!
  2. Pure BarreThis one hour workout will leave you sore and tired but it will be worth it!1311694035558796144ballet%20slippers.svg.hi  Using a ballet bar, and listening to upbeat music you will feel like a ballerina while getting fit and having fun! A client of Pure Barre said that, “Pure Barre has been a life changer. It truly has made me a stronger person physically and mentally.”
  3. Aerial YogaLocated in Swamp Rabbit Crossfit is a fun and relaxing way to build strength and flexibility. Hanging from a hammock suspended by a 14 ft ceiling you will do different fun activities! You can come alone or you can come in a small group of you and your friends!
  4. RevUp CyclingSpinning classes are a super hard and fun way to stay in shape! This cycling lass challenges you as they play upbeat music in the dark with flashing lights everywhere. I went with my lacrosse teammates and we pushed each other hard to see who could get first place! So bring your friends and you can all compete for first place!

9 rounds & Aerial yoga fun with Furman Lacrosse Team!



Many of the places listed above have many different locations, so you can search and see if some are near you! If they are not located near you there are many different fitness places just like the ones listed above, so keep an eye out and ask around! Remember bikini season is just around the corner, don’t let the winter cold set you back from your goals!


Photo Credit: Smile Photo.

Blogging About Fitness and Health

Fitness & Health

Hey y’all! I am super excited to get started on my first blog and to help lead you towards a happy and healthy lifestyle! My goal is to show you some fun ways to stay active, and healthy and it does not have to be a dreaded event in the day anymore! Today I am just going to give you a glimpse into my blogs to come and my passion for fitness.


Ever since I was young my passion has been to play sports I’ve played lacrosse, field


hockey, soccer, and tennis. I started playing lacrosse at the age of 5, and I now continue to play in college at 20 years old for Furman University. I love staying active and participating in sports with my friends. I haven’t always loved to just go outside and run though, I used to dread the thought of it. But over the years I have found fun ways to motivate myself and I now love the days I can go on a peacuful run. But being a young women living in the world with the media is hard to feel good about your body no matter how much work you put in. So I am here to say that nobody has a perfect body!

I think all young women should want to be healthy, I am not saying that all young women need to be skinny but having a healthy lifestyle is beneficial physically and mentally! This can help you with stress and even with relationships found in a study on Wise Geek Health!

There is a popular new saying, “Fit is the new skinny”, it is a very true statement in society today. Being healthy looks much better then looking to skinny. Women have all different shapes, and sizes you need to learn how to love it! The goal here is to feel good about yourself and to do so you need to work hard, be passionate, set goals, and have fun!!



About Me


Hey y’all! I am Paige Gamble a sophomore at Furman University located in Greenville, SC. I am 20 years old and from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Here in Greenville I play on the Furman Women’s Lacrosse team. 10689778_607754479335399_680917650047464215_n In what little spare time I have I enjoy going to the movies, going on bike rides, eating at new restaurants, and reading a good magazine outside. My obsessions are pizza, netflix and hot sauce. I could not live without any of these! My biggest passion is playing lacrosse, and working out so I have decided to start a blog on fitness and health. This blog will help guide young women to be happy with there bodies, with ways to stay in shape and have fun doing it!!  Enjoy!!